Thursday, January 6, 2011

Rushes of Passion

This is dedicated to a very special person, without whom these words of love would have been extremely plain without lustre.

“Close your eyes and step into the water” – was the only thing she had heard from him in days. She felt his left palm cover her eyes, while his right palm gently held her waist and guided her into the water. She slowly felt the warm waters of the ocean caress her feet as she took sturdy steps towards the unknown path without questioning his intentions. The ocean was as calm as ever and her intuition told her that this was a path of no return. Sensing her feelings, he lifted her off her feet in one quick motion and waded through the water.

In a minute, her feet touched solid ground. Slowly, she opened her eyes and took a look around. They were aboard a magnificent sailboat that looked like it was all set to go on a trip around the world. She steadied herself on the deck and looked at the ocean around. The blue waters had never been more welcoming and the distant sunset appeared to transfer its energy to the water, as the fiery ball plunged into the ocean, beyond the horizon. As he moved closer towards her, a gentle breeze blew her soft hair towards his face and its fragrance kicked in all the memories they shared together.

Slowly, he guided her to the main deck. She was not prepared for the sight that greeted her. There were her favorite long stemmed, red roses taped all along the railings of the deck. In the middle of the deck, on a stool no more than 2 feet tall, lay an oyster. The shell glowed in the faint moonlight, adding more charisma to the already magnificent setup, which assured to sweep any girl off her feet. He let her absorb the details and gently detached himself from her side and walked to the other side of the stool.

He looked into her eyes and she noticed his green eyes that were usually unfathomable, today, had a serene and submissive look. Time froze for a minute and sped in the reverse direction, till the point when she first saw him standing alone on the pier, staring at a bunch of migrating seagulls. His denim shirt traced the contours of his physique while he leaned on the wooden railing, displaying the tattooed words “Live and Let Live” emblazoned on his back. A moment later, he turned around to look at her. Standing tall for a lady, her 5’10” figure confidently strode towards him with the sounds of her heels on the wooden pier, knocking in sync with the water crashing on the rocks below. She stopped only when she was a foot away from him. Leaning back on the pier railing, she faced him and asked,” What brings you here? “ He stared at her for a moment and looked away with a smile on his face and answered “ Destiny”

She pushed the golden moments of the past aside and looked at him. With a look of determination in his eyes, he began..

I sailed the seven seas looking for a symbol of true love that was worthy enough to light up your heart. I braved the rough storms, travelled along the length and breadth of the unchartered territories looking for the very entity that would bring back the lost spark in your eyes. Little did I know that the thing I was looking for was buried in the heart of the ocean” Saying this, he pried open the oyster. Inside it, there lay a fabulous white pearl that looked like the eye of the ocean. It looked like a piece of jewellery that had been stolen from the goddess of beauty.

Words failed her. In a fleeting instant, she found herself running towards him and embraced him like never before. Tears rolled down from her eyes but he gently wiped it off and pointed to the skies. A shooting star slowly hurled itself towards the earth creating a golden streak in the starry sky. Making a wish that they would not be separated until death parts them apart, he lifted her chin and kissed her passionately.


  1. very well written..n who is it dedicated to?

  2. I had goosebumps when I read this. You can feel the emotion in the words. Brilliant!

  3. Boy ... This just had me absorbed till the last word. Superbly written pal !

  4. @Vinz.. suman, vinz has finally decided to read!
    He hasn't lost all his bad habits yet ;)

  5. @Sana. I think you know the answer to that ;)

  6. @Suman.. Thanks bud! rber the time we guys hit Besant nagar beach? that's when this idea hit me

  7. @Ro Yup. Write some more like these. I'm hooked!